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What If ?

Finishing School, by TL Zempel

  • A new boss enters your school and, for reasons that seem made up, he doesn't like you...

  • Your boss doesn't have to validate what he says about you

  • You and every other teacher are presented with a system of documentation that values facade over substance

  • Your new class is filled with kids who have a lot of issues and drama

  • Your attempts to save the job you've  always loved seem destined for failure...

Finishng School, by TL Zemel

Wendy Taylor

cannot believe the bizarre turn her career has taken this school year

Welcome to the the world of modern education, where the kids run the show, farcical policies run the administration, and the teachers have to deal with the melee that

results from too much bureaucracy.

Reviews on Amazon

I'm not an avid reader but I couldn't put this book down! Between the stunts that kids pull and the stunts that administrators pull, the book delivers a different perspective on what goes on 'behind the scenes' of being a teacher.

TL Zempel's Finishing School

This book is not only entertaining and funny but also deals with the reality of what our school systems now look like. A real testament to how politically our schools are now being run.   

So well written, I felt like I was in the classroom with Wendy.  A hard to put down book for sure!

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