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Samples of standardized test questions for yearly state exams.

Tests are completed on a computer.  Students must type their responses in the answer boxes and their explanations in the text boxes.  Showing work on a scratch sheet of paper does not count for the test.

4th Gr Test Questons

4th Grade Test Question Samples

adding fractions.png
angle analysis.png
basketball points.png
bead bracelets problem.png
chess club word problem.png
comparing angles parts A and B.png
comparing angles.png
comparing decimals place value.png
convert feet to inches.png
equivalent fractions.png
fish fraction problem.png
fractions number line prob.png
fractions number line prob Part B.png
fractions of mugs.png
fractions of mugs Parts A and B.png
fractions of yarn.png
honey fraction problem part A.png
honey fraction problem.png
honey fraction problem part B.png
measuring angles.png
measuring angles with protractor tool.png
mult frac with whole numbers.png
pets bar graph.png
pets graph parts A, B, and C.png
5th Gr TestQuestions

5th Grade Test Question Samples

adding and subtr fractions.png
aquarium tanks volume.png
area using fractions.png
cereal box volume.png
coordinate plane game.png
decimal place value.png
decimal rounding.png
distances in fractions.png
expanded form comparisons.png
expanded form with decimals.png
expressions using words and numbers.png
expressions with fractions.png
factors comparison.png
fraction problems reasonableness.png
fraction reciprocal problem.png
fractions with eggs.png
garden fence perimeter Part A.png
garden fence perimeter Part B.png
garden fence perimeter Part C.png
geometry shape terms.png
Kurt's maze area.png
metric conversion.png
mult and div decimals.png
rectangular prism vol.png
ribbon fraction problem.png
track meet multiple steps problem.png
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