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Reprinted in part from
Education Week.
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Let’s review the educational cure-alls of past decades: back to basics, the open classroom, whole language, constructivism, and E.D. Hirsch’s excruciatingly detailed accounts of what every 1st or 3rd grader should know, to name a few. It seems America’s teachers and students are guinea pigs in the perennial quest for universal excellence. Sadly, though, the elusive panacea that will solve all of education’s woes has remained, well, elusive.

But wait! The solution has arrived, and it’s been around long enough to prove its worth. What is this magical elixir? Differentiation!


This is a truncated version of Dr. Delisle's op-ed.  To read the entire article, visit Education Week's website:

You can read more about Dr. Deslisle and see more of his publications at

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