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TerryLynn Zempel

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I'm a former Colorado public school teacher.  I'm also a former Oakland, CA, Catholic school teacher.  Now, I am a New Mexico teacher.  I've had a long and mostly rewarding career, but I've experienced some faulty and flawed practices that detract from a teacher's mission: teaching.

I wrote my books to share my experiences with our current education practices that stem from performance-based teacher evaluation schemes.  These policies encourage fraud and add multiple layers of bureaucracy in public education. But do they do anything for students?

My first book, Finishing School, was written in 2014

and 2015 to share the changes in Colorado public

school teacher evaluation as a result of the passage

of Colorado SB 10-191 in 2011.  I developed the book

as a novel because I wanted to explore the

possibilities of what could happen when idiotic ideas

spin out of control.  But 90% of this book comes

directly from factual policies and occurrances, and it is 

available now on Amazon.



Finishing School: the novel by TL Zempel
Chaos in Our Schools, by TL Zempel

Just released on Amazon is my new book, Chaos in Our Schools, which tells the entire true story and should be taken seriously by all stakeholders in education:  politicians, taxpayers, parents, researchers, administrators, and teachers.  It shares the policies that were rolled out in my Colorado school district between 2012 and 2018 as a result of Senate Bill 10-191, along with my own research on the Visible Learning fad, Differentiation, Common Core, and standardized testing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting

opportunities. Let's connect.

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