It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.
                                                           - Mark Twain

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From the new book
Chaos in Our Schools

There’s an insidious element in education that is unnoticed by most people. Schools are not set up for the children; they are set up for the convenience of the adults who run them

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     This comes from the penultimate (2nd to last) chapter in our new book, Chaos in Our Schools.  The entire book leads up to this chapter, which propegates the conclusion that kids cannot be the primary focus of schools any longer...not when their needs are placed in a subordinate position to the "needs" (read: DESIRES) of the adults who work with them.

     How can this be?  And what is the basis for this conclusion?  Reading the book will answer these questions, but here is a little more from that chapter:

Our schools, particularly at the elementary level, are operated with the guiding principles that

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